The Ford Mustang is the pure American Dream!

Now it’s your chance to live the dream by hiring one for a day and starting your ultimate adventure.

Combining the V8 289 rumble, the auto trans, the chrome, the “Tulip” steering-wheel and the “Jet” instruments our Mustangs are the the only seriously cool vessels perfect for “cruising” in Ibiza. Our fleet of Mustangs are in near perfect condition – almost as good as when they left the factory.

Driving one of our Mustangs is quite simply fun on wheels. Everywhere it goes the Mustang creates a real sensation of nostalgia and fun.

Try one of our hard tops or the luxury 4 seater convertible – they are total power and will take you everywhere on the island in absolute comfort, attracting admiring glances along the way.

So now it’s time to join the ‘in crowd’ and hire one of our 1960’s Mustangs for an exciting day out, just contact us or make a booking to experience ‘serious cool’.

What we do

The Mustang is also perfect for every “special occasion”, birthdays, anniversaries and of course weddings or just treat a friend to a brilliant day out!

We cover a varied field of requirements,

1. Mustang Experience Day

Do you want to recapture a moment in time for a day, celebrate a birthday, anniversary, special occasion or just be seen travelling around the island in a timeless classic of automotive engineering? Our self drive Mustangs will give you the most exciting ride of your life.

2. Weddings

Allow us to pronounce you man, wife and Mustang. Choose from one our superb vehicles to arrive and depart on your special day. Let us know in advance if you would like the vehicle decorated.

3. Events

We will work closely with events organisers to provide something a little different to the usual Golf or track day experiences. Organised tours for people, with four people per car, and the opportunity to change cars along the way to maximise the experience. We can tailor any event to your specific requirements.

4. Photo shoots

The cars can be rented for photoshoots. You want to capture a cool moment in time for your promotion – a Mustang alongside your product or model would surely make that magic picture happen.

5. Vouchers

A great way to offer a special gift to the man in your life or a friend. The vouchers start from EURO100. They can be accumulated and used at any point as part or collective payment.